Since the creation of the World Wide Web, or “www” for short, Web Browsers have become essential software to explore the Web. Web Browsers help extract information from the Web. It is a software application program that helps Users to search, reach and explore websites. Web Browsers are only as popular as their usefulness, and ease of operation. Some may last for decades while others disappear from public perception in a year. The first modern browser was called ‘Mosaic’ and was discontinued in 1997. Mozilla is derived from Mosaic. Another browser which was at the top just 10 years ago, called Netscape, has completely vanished from use today. Longevity is not the essential criteria of a browser, but rather, it is the features that earn browsers the pride of place. Private browsers have been developed, individually, for specific systems, but now are used universally because of their scope, adaptability and built-in security. The list of the Best Private Web Browsers (Firefox, Brave, Etc.) is therefore a moveable feast, and constantly changes with time.

What is a Private Web Browser?

Privacy has become important in modern web browsing. Snoopers can use browsing information to damage the User’s security and even cause loss. It is therefore becoming important to ensure the privacy of the Users, so that Snoopers with access to the PC or Mobile device do not have access to the User’s browsing history or data. Data from a browsing session is not leaked to others who are using the same device or even hacking from the Internet directly. Browsers with the privacy feature can also prevent websites from using ‘Cookies’ stored on the PC to track the User’s visits. Private browsing is essential to protect the User from harm by keeping Passwords safe, saving data, preventing corruption of data by Hacking, and so on. It allows the User to browse the web without leaving any traces such as local data that can later be retrieved.

Private Web Browsers, Galore

Most Users are conservative, and stick to the browsers that came with their PCs or mobile devices. For example, Internet Explorer, which is well-known as a browser because it is included in the software package of almost every Windows PC, has therefore become the most popular web browser. Similarly, for Users of Apple’s devices, running on Mac, Safari is the go to private web browser. But the modern scene here, has become flexible, as users have become adventurous, innovative and security conscious.You don’t need a private browser strictly for browsing naughty adult sites or free sex apps. Private browsers are about protecting your information and ability for companies to specifically target you based on your browsing behavior.

Selecting The Best

The list of the Best Private Web Browsers (Firefox, Brave, Etc.) at the present moment could be as follows:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Maxthon

The Future

The future of private web browsing now seems to belong to a new Brower. Developed through Google Chrome and called the SRWare Iron Browser, this is an important browser that guarantees the level of privacy and security when surfing the Web. It is available for free for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.